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KEY POINTS: No Credit/Debit Card or bank account? No problem! We will cover you. Simply contact one of the numbers above in your area and we will walk you through our process.

   Lack of timely content is the number one pitfalls in completing a build. If received on time, a build should take about a week.  Common content include text, pictures, videos, and links.

   No templates! If you choose to build your website, we will build you a customized website.  We believe in your vision. This can only be achieved by you telling us what you want.  Besides it’s nice to see something different.  In short, we are here for you.

Marketing  The Website

   As of June 30, 2009 an estimated 1.67 billion people world wide used the internet. While utilizing the newspaper, TV, and radio, to reach potential customers, family members, or friends, the contact range of these media is limited.  Today, with the advent of the internet, the world is open to your global reach.  

Type of Websites: Informational Website

Informational websites are the most common type of websites.  They have a simple but effective purpose.  Informational sites are used to introduce to public to you and your vision.  They usually have five to six pages.  “About US” “Services” “Products” “Galleries ” “Contact Us” are the common pages used.

Interactive Website

Ready to communicate directly and receive immediate  feedback from your audience?  Blogs, forums and podcasts are the tools used in a website? These tools will allow you to get immediate interaction with those visiting your website. An interactive website is designed to do more than just get your information out on the web.  Its use is for you to communicate.

Data Website

Think big.  Thing size.  Data websites, not only are collectors in user’s information, they have many pages to fulfill the mission of your website. Our data websites have upwards of 1000 pages, covering many subjects.

As with the informational, and interactive websites, we build data websites to be expanded as your goals expand.

At, we categorize websites into three types.  They are “Informational, Interactive, and Data”. Each serve a distinct purpose to the user. The typical, website only need five to six pages to get the message across to the public.

Along with our hosting price, which is priced at $5.00 USD a month, each website is  built for any budget.  The three categories are designed to be upgraded and expand to meet your growing business, event, or personal goals.

All websites come with a Control Panel.  A Control panel is where you can personally change the content of your website.  Although the structure of a can not be changed unless using a website builder, many times the text, pictures, links, etc can be updated through the control panel.  Like anything in life, knowledge about the use of control panels will be needed.

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Serious Flaws with “Free” Website Builders

None of these “free” website builder hide the fact that you can upgrade to premium accounts and pay for all sorts of features… but they forget to tell you that you can invest hundreds of thousands of dollars over the year and if anything happens where you want to leave them – you’ll lose it all. Not one bit of your investment belongs to you! That’s HUGE!

All of this said – is there ever a time when a FREE website is a good thing? Yes. I’m sure that sounds weird coming from a web design company – but it’s true. If you’re a non-profit struggling to raise funds – If you’re an artist just trying to be known – If you’re a total grass roots effort trying to save every penny possible to make your dreams come true – a free website might serve its purpose, but remember that if you’re needing search engines to find you and you’re going to rely heavily on SEO then you’ll need to invest in either being trained how to handle your SEO or Social Media Marketing when using one of these “free” sites. They are quite limiting and you might just learn at that point how valuable a custom-made website can be for your organization or business.

Our best suggestion is to find a web company like ours that will help Non-Profits with a discount, or raise the money in one of your first fundraiser events to build a dynamic website that brings legitimacy and even more avenues to your group to help with revenue or sales. You get what you pay for – nothing is truly free… That couldn’t be more true with websites. But do they have to cost tens of thousands of dollars? How much should a website cost?

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